Image 3D d'un bâtiment d'enseignement en fin d’après midi Image 3D de la cour de récréation Image 3D de la cour de récréation depuis la coursive Image 3D de l'entrée du Lycée depuis l'extérieur

    High School of Muret

  • On this site marked by the wear of time, makeshift interventions and successive expansions have constrained the functionality of the complex. Following the analysis of the existent conditions and expressed needs, our project headed to an overall rearrangement of the areas while keeping the entrance unchanged, which is the high school benchmark. The overall approach to the site aims to work out functional issues and the students’ path within the building.

    Our main targets are the following:

    – Reorganization of all the sectors and halls to hierarchize and optimize circulation and distances between the areas.
    – A more minimalist, pleasant and comfortable remake of the building.
    – A realization of the project respecting the financial budget constraints.

    Within this context, our perspective aims at:

    – Restructuring the forecourt and the main court to renovate the building entrance hall by a clear North South axis leading to a compound courtyard as well as providing an overall and practical access to the site.
    – Reducing the long view sheds to create a functional organization. We have opted for architectural discreet lines, balanced proportions and minimalist shapes for an outward pure and timeless, barely eloquent image but delivering a consistent overview to the building complex.

  • Regional Council of Occitania
  • REC architect in charge of the project, BET : Terrell, Sacet, Transénergie, Economist : Frustié
  • Non-winning project
  • 6 450 m2
  • 9 580 000 € pre-tax