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  • Concept and realization of a school group 'Les Perséides' in ZAC Andromède

  • Concerning the public equipment discussion related to the ZAC Andromède area, the plan of the school group of Blagnac, meets strong urban, architectural and environmental requirements. This environmentally friendly district of the first suburb area of Toulouse, has high expectations on this new school meant to be a socializing place. From the architectural point of view, the plan has been entirely created according to the same formal code issued by the charter of the district taking into account the surrounding inhabited texture. The street in the first place presents a cubical pattern typical of the ZAC area. A concrete outfit, decorated by elegant arabesques, protects the school from the public area nuisances.

    A green meadow, a true green strip, works as coverage area. Along the inside path a semi-circular flexible organization takes shape including play areas located in the middle of the islet. Simple forms, straight lines and curves become lively that way, which the children will be at ease with. The architectural object, thought as a truly urban landmark in a work in progress district, is part of an environmental perspective where concrete and energy effectiveness were an absolute priority in our conception. It is the result of a joint venture and trust granted by a public contractor aware of the stakes of such equipment in a new district meant to be close to the historical centre.

  • Blagnac city
  • REC architect representative of the operation - BET: Bernardberoy, Tassera, Transénergie Sud, Alayrac, Gamba, Julie Poirel, BETR
  • 2014
  • 5 800 m2
  • 9 050 000 €