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  • It is on the historical site of Toulouse-Blagnac that the Airbus Group chose to realize the training campus of his high potential partners. REC Architecture, his SERIGE engineering associate and the general firm DEMATHIEU & BARD agreed to carry out this outstanding plan. The challenge lies in regrouping a university in a peculiar and high-tech place, an event-centre which can welcome 1000 people and a hotel complex of 150 rooms. Our plan, which has already drawn public attention, entered the second phase. Inscribed in an orthogonal built plan, the functions take place in a landscaped park within a dynamic elliptical fence combining green areas and monumental blades.

    The whole architecture of the site, sober and smart, makes us think of aeronautics, combining glass and metal in games of images and evocations of airframes and rotors. The majestic square leads to a transparent entrance which serves the three identified entities perfectly. We handled the functional plan and the interior design with particular care. A specific atmosphere is created for each of the key places of the campus: transparency and functional clarity for the entrance, high-tech and a warm feature for the hall, a friendly contemporary pub style lounge, the adjustable and smart restaurant, comfortable and cosy rooms…The campus plan revealed several skills of the REC group in term of town planning, architecture, interior design, as a public competition oriented firm, a proactive team confronted with the architectural concept and the realisation of a plan. This rewarding experience is, no doubt about it, a reference in terms of producing an articulate plan within only six weeks of the public competition deadline.

  • Airbus
  • REC architect - Construction Company : Demathieu and Bard, Snef - BET: Serige, Agir, Emacoustic - Alayrac - Lacointa - Imagery : REC / Les Yeux Carrés - Movie : Les Yeux Carrés
  • Not awarded as winner
  • 14 150 m2
  • 28 500 000 €