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    B Street

  • The B Street project appears atypical in the urban planning context and is the result of a research carried out by REC Architecture on the commercial architectural models. This project developed on 7 levels along a main interior street focuses on several kind of activities to develop the main functions of a shopping center located in a multi-functional block, including a digital business incubator, leisure areas, medium sized shops, social areas and restaurants. Cars are not visible anymore; renewable energy becomes cost effective for a new generation building presenting forms and materials conventionally adapted for a museography project. The choice of declining the usual codes of construction led to an excellent certified bream project with the most important geothermic development applied to this kind of building in Europe. This project will be inspirational for others to come as much as its conception was a model to our clients and our teams…

  • REC architectture in charge of the project, BET: Becice, Sete, Idtec, Financial officer: Alayrac
  • 80 000 000 €pre-tax