Business centre and life science labs

  • A building evoking life sciences in its formal features…

  • Located in the Park Technor in Saint-Denis, the life science business centre lies on a soil presenting several constraints to face up Cyclotron. The 4 store building is conceived as two converging wings shaped as a boomerang that will welcome research activities. A passageway links up in a flexible movement these two wings regrouping the labs in a protected atmosphere, open space offices and social areas. It’s basically a bioclimatic plan picking up trade winds by vertical ventilation holes at the core of the building to ventilate wings to assure a favourable temperature gradient. Such a light net protects gently the confidential research activities, the double skin of white metallic blades assuring shelter and conferring to the building the image of a white vibrating drapery.

  • C.I.N.O.R.
  • REC project architect, Pihouee associate architect - BET: BEGREEN - Acoustician: ALTIA - Landscape architect: Prud'homme - Les Yeux carrés Imagerie
  • 2015
  • 8 000 000 €