• A University Restaurant in Guyana.

  • The university campus restaurant located in Cayenne, Guyane, will finally be launched at the end of a decade of interventions which transformed and structured an untouched site into a modern and attractive campus. Our conceptual approach is based on the carbets, the traditional habitats in Amazonia, promoting wide broadly ventilated volumes and providing a visual transparency to assure at the same time a certain presence and a town planning continuity on the campus boulevard.

    The University campus restaurant must be a contemporary architectural sign, conceived simply and rationally. It is an invitation for the students and the staff to discover and make the most of the available structures. The covering structure reminds a folding origami, simply creating a prism form roofing, generating a subtle transverse slit. It is a shed, functioning as a high ventilation shaft for the sheltered volume, respecting peripheral rainwater screening principles. Combed wooden posts of apparent braces asymmetrical support an efficient canopy covered with litelage wood with soundproof virtues.

    Under this unifying coverage the project meets the main required needs in terms of functional, hygienic and lasting standards.

  • Antilles & Guyane university
  • REC architect, Eric Pelletier architect representative of the operation - BET : Betem, efc, Artline
  • 2016
  • 1 700 m2
  • 5 135 000 €